Legislative Agenda

Support Legislation to Authorize Regional Transportation Sales Tax Initiatives

Traffic congestion in metro Atlanta and other regions of Georgia is hurting our quality of life and ability to compete for jobs. However, funding for transportation from federal and state sources is declining in real terms while the cost of building infrastructure is increasing. Allowing local governments to band together to fund transportation solutions through regional sales tax referendums is a concept that has proven successful in other states. A clear sunset provision, a listing of projects to be funded and a citizens’ oversight panel have been key elements of those regional referendums. Such an approach would allow every region in Georgia to determine what their priorities are based on their needs and to ensure accountability to local voters.

The South Fulton Chamber supports legislation to authorize counties to form partnerships to conduct regional transportation sales tax initiatives.

Support an Economic Development Toolkit that is Targeted to Sectors & More Flexible

In the world of economic development, metro Atlanta competes for projects and jobs with regions of similar size such as Houston and Charlotte. The state’s economic development incentive legislation should recognize this fact and offer something for every region of Georgia. Streamlining the headquarters tax credit, targeting BEST incentives to strategic industry clusters, allowing tax credits to be used against payroll withholding taxes and providing funding for the metro region’s deal-closing fund at a level similar to what other regions around the state receive are all important steps to making the entire state an attractive place to locate jobs.
The South Fulton Chamber supports changes to the BEST legislation that gives metro Atlanta the ability to compete with other regions around the country.

Support the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District’s Funding Request for $400,000

The Metro North Georgia Water Planning District is required to update the regional plans to secure the region’s water supply and quality every five years. That update must be performed this year and the District has requested $400,000 in the 2008 state budget in support of this.

The South Fulton Chamber supports the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District’s budget request of $400,000 in the 2008 state budget.

Voice of Business

The Chamber Represents the Voice of Business with Government

The Chamber tracks pending legislation on the local, state and federal levels allowing you to keep an eye on your business. The Chamber also builds relationships with elected officials to create a pro-business environment and works to resolve issues in south Fulton, the State of Georgia and this country.

The chamber:

  • Is a member of Regional Business Coalition, that employs a lobbyist that works full-time on your behalf, following and taking action on state legislation that affects your bottom line
  • Meets regularly with local, state and federal elected officials to create understanding of specific business issues
  • Coordinates candidate forums in election years and prints voting records to create accountability to the business community
  • Assists to resolve issues between members and government

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