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Date(s) - 02/28/2018
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Highest Percent Cancer Deaths City of Sandy Springs
North Fulton 2016 Review


Certain census tracts in the City of Sandy Springs have a higher percent of deaths by “All cancers” than the rest of Fulton County according to a 2016 Update of the “Adamsville Area Demographic and Health Status Study” (2006).


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Called the “Morgan Falls Community,” the area is 44% African American and 12% Hispanic. The median Household Income is $50,780; median per capita income $32,000. 97% of the population has a high school education; 48% have Bachelor Degrees.


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We need to go deeper than “diet and exercise” Commissioner Emma I. Darnell stated. “We don’t have the authority to decide when people live and when people die in Fulton County” she said.


With the exception of “All Cancers”, certain census tracts in Central Fulton and South Fulton continue to have a higher percent of deaths by Major Cardiovascular Disease, High Blood Pressure and Asthma (hospital discharges) than the rest of Fulton County.


In its annual “Health Ranking’s by states, National Association of Counties (NACo) officials have indicated it may be necessary to look at certain social and economic factors which may affect health disparities and “people’s lives”, such as the air pollution, unemployment and income inequality.


In the 2006 study, certain census tracts within Central Fulton and South Fulton County had a higher percent of deaths by major cardiovascular disease (MCD), high blood pressure, cancer and asthma (hospital discharges) than the rest of Fulton County. Except for “All Cancers”, nothing has changed since 2009.


“We’ve got to do more.” Commissioner Darnell stated. “In addition to (quality) prevention

and education programs”, Darnell said. “When you spend tax dollars, you cannot have different outcomes for different neighborhoods.”

The Central Fulton/South Fulton boundary extends North to Bolton and Peyton Road, North easterly down Hollowell to Mildred Place and West Lake; South down Campbellton Road to the Cobb County line 95% of the area’s residents are African-American, 28% below 18 yrs.; 56% female, 29% high school graduates and 24% attended 2 years college.

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     For more information, contact Commissioner Darnell: By phone: (404) 612-8222, online: or connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. 



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