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Welcome to Chattahoochee Hills! Couched within 33,000 acres of rolling hills and parkland, our city embodies a distinctive vision for rural smart growth. The city was born in response to uncontrolled urban sprawl spreading outward from the metro Atlanta region. The goal was to allow appropriate growth without sacrificing the area’s most appealing attributes. Since the city’s incorporation in 2007, municipal officials, civic leaders, and an active, engaged citizenry have worked to craft a future that curtails sprawl while promoting sustainable business development, quality neighborhoods, and protection of the small farms, country roads and natural resources that give Chattahoochee Hills its distinctive character. Located just 25 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and 40 minutes from one of the largest business, educational, and cultural hubs in the United States, Chattahoochee Hills offers businesses, visitors, and residents an impressive range of opportunities.

Our unique approach to growth centers on distinct communities of varying size and character, set amid preserved farm and forest land. From traditional crossroads communities to new hamlets and villages, all parts of the city work together to create a vibrant alternative to suburbia while providing opportunity for both growth and preservation. No area of our city exemplifies this better than Serenbe, a charming 1000-acre hamlet that has drawn national and international acclaim for its mix of residential, commercial, agricultural and wilderness flavors. Serenbe residents and guests enjoy organic produce from Serenbe Farms, the visual and performing arts regularly programmed in the community, and culinary delights from the nationally known chefs in the hamlet’s restaurants. Seventy percent of Serenbe is set aside for preservation and the resulting community brings people together with the arts, agriculture, business, nature, and each other.

Chattahoochee Hills is actively seeking businesses that share our vision of sustainable development, sensitivity to the local environment, and the development of a strong community.  We’re looking for the type of manufacturer, business office, research facility or educational institution that will both benefit from our unique identity and reinforce it.  Chattahoochee Hills is young and nimble, able to incorporate new ideas and apply novel solutions. We look forward to working with businesses and other organizations that share our goals of smart growth, sustainable technology, and growing successful business connected with growing a successful community.

Chattahoochee Hills intends to remain rural by choice. The city’s comprehensive plan articulates this vision and stipulates that 60 to 70 percent of the city will be permanently preserved as open space, so there will always be room for agriculture and individual encounters with nature. The city’s user-friendly new zoning ensures that the city will stand out as a place where sprawl ends and nature and development complement each other. As the city preserves the majority of its land as farms, forests, parks and fields, the land that is developed will house compact, walkable, mixed-use centers. These development patterns not only allow the rural character of the city to be preserved, but they attract the types of values-oriented knowledge workers that give business a competitive edge.
Our city, bordered on the west by the Chattahoochee River, and containing some of the largest public parks in Fulton County, is proud to be a regional hub for outdoor recreation. Fourteen miles of river frontage offer potential for fishing and canoeing. Our parks system includes almost 1200 acres of untouched forests, open fields, and picnic and baseball facilities. For those interested in equestrian activities, Cochran Mill Park offers trailer parking and miles of riding trails. Chattahoochee Hills also is a regional draw for bicyclists. For cyclists weary of the traffic, congestion, and noise of city and suburban streets, our two-lane roads bordered by beautiful rolling hills, forests, and pastures are an irresistible alternative. Then, after a morning of outdoor activities, visitors and residents can stop by Smith’s country store for a soda or enjoy brunch in one of our local restaurants.

Words can convey only so much. Anyone with an interest in a way of life that departs from the rutted path should take the time to visit and experience the city in person. Making decisions for the long term is a challenge, but it has its rewards. In order to stand out in a competitive market, businesses must break from predominant patterns. Successful businesses take every opportunity to reinforce their brand message, and location increasingly is a part of that message. The City of Chattahoochee Hills is committed to the long-term viability of its vision. This includes our business community and our small farmers, fifth generation residents and new arrivals, and open spaces and neighborhoods. By maintaining an appreciation of our history while employing the principals of smart growth and nurturing businesses that fit the city’s vision, we are creating an environment for sustained success. Come see what Chattahoochee Hills can do for you.

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